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The game's plot:


The main character - Mark. He wakes up in his apartment by a telephone call, from whom he learns that his girlfriend no longer be with him and went to Russia. After 6 years, Mark again wakes up and does not understand where he is because of his apartment turned into something terrible, where there is complete chaos. The main character must find out what really happened...

Updated version:

  • Added new quests
  • The story unfolds in front of you (understand only elected)
  • Remove all record of the project associated with a foreign copyright of which took place more appropriate in different situations on the most beautiful of CC (Creative Commons)
  • Changed a boring menu for even more boring, but with "author" and "Settings" (though not sure that they are stable)
  • In some cells I left you a surprise
  • Translated into Russian as their game (how it sounds funny ... who do not know, just before I did this project for American audiences). In general, only translated interface, notes, instructions subtitles
  • Changed some textures
  • Removed some small parts (no matter what)
  • Changed the last level, added a few jokes

Problems, bugs and shortcomings:

  • The mouse cursor stays on the screen you ... suffer, if it prevents you, do not swing and do not start the game.


THEINANE for Windows of 25.11.2015 448 MB
THEINANE for Windows of 10.10.2015 329 MB
THEINANE for Linux X64 450 MB


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